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wisdom of dogs, Issue #045-- Year of Non-judgement
January 05, 2022

A Year of Non-Judgement

This year I have chosen the practice of non-judgement. I hope this practice makes me a kinder, calmer human.

As is normal for me when I make a choice to improve myself, my inner teenager is at first excited, then skeptical.

“You have to judge. Should I trust this person? Should I take that class? If you don’t judge, you will make bad choices. Duh.”

She’s not wrong. Judging how fast that truck is coming is vital to deciding if I should cross the street.

Tala knows

You can see her here: cute_dog_pictures.html Tala, my cattle-dog collie mix, knew about judgement. In the dark of early morning we were doing our usual walk. The garbage collector was making his rounds too. About midway through our walk, our paths crossed. The loud truck with ridiculously bright lights was coming up the street just as we prepared to cross.

I stepped out onto the street. Tala stepped in front and nudged me back. She looked pointedly at the truck, back at me, back to the truck. Her message was clear: Do you not see that huge loud unmissable thing?

I reassured her. She trusted me enough to cross with me, but she kept an eye on the truck. Judgement. Important.

A Gentler View

The concept of non-judgement is gentler. It’s about being open. About not making instant judgements. Or making judgements that aren’t necessary.

I once nearly turned down an uber ride because the driver’s picture showed a young man with fluorescent green hair and multiple piercings.Then I reminded myself that my own son had blue hair and multiple -though less visible- piercings.

I accepted the ride. He was the most delightful driver I have ever had.

We exchanged hugs and phone numbers.

I promised to name a dragon after him if I ever get that book written.

There may have been a Madonna sing-along.

This year

I want a whole year of such encounters. Non-judgement will take me there.

Happy Tail Wags

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