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wisdom of dogs, Issue #062-- Year of Equanimity
June 15, 2022

Not all time in life is equal

The quote is from Jim Collins and it refers to times in our lives when a big opportunity arises or a big disaster hits. In those times our priorities have to shift.

Training a Puppy

When you get a puppy, you have a window of opportunity to train her. There's no other time you can do this: it's now or never.

Now is the time when you can gain their trust. Now is the time when you can establish your position as pack leader.

If you wait a year or two, you will be too late. You will have missed the opportunity.

You will have a hard time being_alpha.html


Your relationship with your dog will never be what you want it to be.

They haven’t learned to rely on you for affection.

They haven’t learned to trust you to protect them.

And they certainly will not be interested in your ideas about what they should be doing.

You will have failed, not for lack of effort but for poor timing.


Accepting this fundamental truth of life requires equanimity.

You don’t get caught up in the importance of the moment. You don’t decry the extra effort you are expending or lament the loss of other pursuits.

Equanimity lets you see this time for what it is.

Equanimity lets you do what is set in front of you, right now.


In this unequal time.

Happy Tail Wags

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