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wisdom of dogs, Issue #040-- Year of mindfulness
December 01, 2021

Surface acting?

Surface acting is pretending things are fine, when they are not in fact fine. It is hiding your true emotions. Faking enthusiasm.

Dogs never do this. If they like you, you know it. If they don’t, well you’ll know that too.

Humans pretend

The workplace is filled with surface acting. Sometimes it is absolutely necessary if you want to keep your job.

So how does it relate to mindfulness?

The more mindful you are, the harder it is to continue surface acting.

A study published Journal of Applied Psychology by Christopher J. Lyddy & colleagues concluded that “mindfulness can also amplify negative responses to aversive experiences.”

In other words, when you are paying attention you don’t ignore the bad stuff. You don’t want to act anymore. You stop want to faking it. You express your true emotions.

Dogs don't fake it!

Dogs don’t surface act. Even a dog who is abused by his owner will not fake emotions of love and admiration. He will obey out of necessity and fear, but he won’t pretend he loves that owner.

If, like Huff, the dog gets a chance to escape he will never look back. Read about Huff in this post on acceptance.html

The unwillingness to surface act is part of the reason behind what the media calls "The Great Resignation." It's more complicated than that, but the unwillingness to fake enthusiasm for soul sucking work is certainly a factor.

When the humans are done shuffling jobs and reorganizing the way society works, our dogs will still be here napping on the couch and waiting for their next walk. Being themselves with an honesty we humans continue striving toward.

Happy Tail Wags

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