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wisdom of dogs, Issue #061-- Year of Equanimity
May 18, 2022

Supply Chain Gizmos

Last week I wrote about supply chain issues and the practice of equanimity.

I tried to see the possible good in what looks like a bad situation. I found patience and resourcefulness, both difficult but necessary lessons in life.

But still, there was fear. Fear of lack. Fear of needs unfilled.

Like every other good American, I have learned to expect the things I want to come with two-day shipping. At most.

Preferably it should arrive the next day. We have become accustomed to having the newest gizmo shipped to us overnight at no extra charge.

My Ah-Ha Moment

The isolation of the pandemic forced us to live differently.

We had to choose wisely who we let into our bubble. Immediate family members. A close friend or two.

American commerce shut down. No more overnight gizmos.

We had to amuse ourselves. We read a lot. Streamed a lot of entertainment. We sorted out living spaces and learned new skills. Boomers learned Instacart and library apps. Millennials baked bread and planted gardens.

Then we got even more creative. Crafting. Painting. Needlework. Making music. Inventing games.

I know one family who built a vacation cabin from a kit on land that had been empty for years. Mom, Dad and their two teenagers. Not a carpenter among them. But they made it work.

It ends

And then the pandemic was “over.”

We could all go back to work. Except, why?

Many people discovered their lives were better when they had more time with their family. Even without the latest gizmos.

Many decided that less time in the office and more time for creative pursuits was important to them.

And almost no one preferred commuting to time spent with friends.

Corporate American Calls

Having seen that they could do their jobs from home, they decided they didn’t want to leave home.

But corporate America called. “You can have your old life back.”

And just as when the telemarketer goes into his spiel, a lot of people hung up.

The Tipping Point

Supply chain issues became the tipping point.

Once upon a time, we comforted our lonely, creativity-deprived souls with stuff. The newest gizmo was just a click away – and it would be here tomorrow!

But now, anyone who could avoid a soul-sucking, time-stealing job did. Which made it that much harder to get all the gizmos we had been exchanging our own souls and time for.

The Great Realignment

Some experts argued that the great resignation is actually the great realignment as in “people are realigning their values.” I don’t think our values really shifted. They were simply brought into focus by the pandemic.

We always wanted more of our family, less of the office. We always wanted creativity and self-reliance.

We just didn't realize we had other options.


So the next time you can't get that must-have gizmo overnight, face it with equanimity.

Someone is spending time with their kids, or baking bread, or maybe they’re streaming Bridgerton. It’s their life.

Are you sure you want to give up yours for that gizmo?

By the way Sandy says none of this “supply chain issues as a good thing” applies to dog treats. But then, Sandy has her own priorities.

Happy Tail Wags

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