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wisdom of dogs, Issue #084-- Year of Equanimity
December 21, 2022


This email was scheduled to go out at 4pm EST on December 21, 2022. At 4:47 EST, the solstice will occur.

On the odd chance that your email notification pinged immediately and you opened it within that time frame, we are sharing the solstice, the moment when the shift occurs.

You won’t see it or feel it.

The ground will not quake beneath your feet. (If it does, something else is happening.)

In the quiet darkness, a change begins

It will be several weeks before the lengthening of days in the north and shortening of days in the south will be noticeable, but the change starts now.

Most changes begin unnoticed. A mutation. A conception. A mindset shift.

The effects may ultimately be huge, but beginnings are usually small.


I missed the 6am mailout time for this week’s newsletter.

A year ago, I would have berated myself for that. But practicing equanimity has taught me to be gentler with myself.

Equanimity let me keep my mind open to other possibilities.

With that, I saw an opportunity to share this moment and these thoughts with you.

Be open to the shifts happening in your life. Create shifts to direct your life in whatever direction you choose.

The change might not be noticeable right away, but when the transformation hits, you will know that it started right here. Right now.

Sandy’s note

Solstice is a silly holiday because it does not involve extra treats. What kind of holiday is that?

Okay, Suzanne has promised treats later. I prefer treats now. But I guess I can practiced that equanimity stuff too.

This is me being patient, sort of.

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