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wisdom of dogs, Issue #046-- Year of Nonjudgment
January 12, 2022


I guess it was inevitable that early on in my year of nonjudgment I would face my personal bogeyman: self-judgment.


I am far more compassionate to others than to myself. I flay myself for failings that I would dismiss with a handwave if a friend exhibited them.

A friend had a rough day at work? Needed to rest instead of write? “Hey, you’re only human," I'd say. "You’ll get back on it.”

Sandy is my role model

Sandy is all about balancing rest and work. In her world “work” means foraging as we walk, or digging up the yard to find those moles.

But still. She works. She rests. She practices the wisdom_of_savasana.html

I am trying to follow her example.

Happy Tail Wags



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