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wisdom of dogs, Issue #085-- Seeking Joy
January 11, 2023

Newsletter format change

For 2023 instead of a weekly report on my spiritual practice, I’ll keep in touch once a month.

Big Changes in my Life

The last two years of this newsletter helped me make some big changes.

In 2021, my pursuit of mindfulness opened my eyes to situations that were not working for me.

In 2022, equanimity helped face my fears.

That gave me the courage to make a big change – leaving my daily-grind job for a more creative one.

Will it work? Maybe, maybe not.

The future

For 2023 so many things are unsettled, so I have chosen to welcome joy. I’ll let you know how it’s going.

I suspect Sandy will have some things to say about these changes as well.

Right now, she is enjoying having her human home most of the day – available for walks and playtime whenever the mood strikes. Joy!

Wishing you Joy in this new year.

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