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wisdom of dogs, Issue #032-- Year of mindfulness
October 06, 2021

Screen Time

A stumbling block to my mindfulness is screen time.

That addictive feeling that there might be a cool blog post I haven’t read yet. A friend may have shared pictures of her new puppy. Or maybe I got a text. I might have gotten a text. I need to check!

So I pick up my phone at 8pm just to see if someone texted me. Guess what? Nope.

I keep scrolling

Of course, then I check social media for cute dog pictures. And I scroll. And suddenly, it’s past my bedtime.

I’ve ignored my actual dog in favorite of pixels of dogs.

Now I have to rush around doing the evening chores, prepping for the next day because I have to go to work.

Then I flop down in bed with my brain racing. Not restful. Not mindful.

My new goal is to avoid screens after 7pm.

I’m not sure what I will do with myself. Pay attention to my family perhaps?

Or meditate? I’ve struggled to find time for that.

Maybe some gentle end of day yoga. All mindful things.

My phone is gonna miss me. But I bet my dog is happier.

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