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wisdom of dogs, Issue #089
August 02, 2023

Sandy and Friends

Sandy loves to walk in the park and meet new people. But even more, she loves to walk in our neighborhood and greet her old friends.

The Best Days

The best days are the ones are when we walk outside to discover a whole group of people gathered. The kids are running about playing and the adults are talking or keeping up with the smaller kids. Sandy tugs on the leash to hurry me along.

The kids flock to her first and after a round of pets and “Sandy you're so cute,” the kids return to their games and Sandy moves on to the adults. They rub her belly and tell her what a good girl she is.

Only when she's greeted everyone who is willing to provide her proper adoration (that’s almost everyone), we move on.

Other days

Other days, there are no loitering groups but only friends out doing chores like yard work or washing the car. That doesn't deter her.

She will stop and wait at the end of the yard wagging her tail furiously. Sometimes she issues a verbal invitation – a whine or a high pitched bark to get their attention.

She fully expects, and frequently gets, adult humans in the middle of tasks to stop. They shut off the lawn mower. They put down the hose. They come to pet her. making_friends.html is her super power.

Sad Days

Sometimes we have a sad day when no one is out.

We make our way down the street and she dawdles. She sniffs, she munches some grass at the edge of the yard. She reminds me of a little kid waiting for their playmates to come out.

If a garage door is open, she stands and stares. She wags her tail, hoping that somebody is back there in the darkness and she just can't see them. Often we are disappointed but she never stops trying!

Shared Joy

Socialization brings her so much joy that I find myself walking a little lighter and feeling a little happier whenever there are people out to satisfy her extroverted nature.

It turns out that Sandy's joy is my joy.

Wishing you and your pup many happy tail wags.

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