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wisdom of dogs, Issue #010 -- Year of mindfulness
April 28, 2021

Pride and Pollen: A Meditation

The other day, a friend asked if I was having trouble with my allergies this season. I blithely replied, “Nope. I’m doing good.” I congratulated myself on finally having built up my immunity.

At long last, my body has figured out that pollen is not a threat. There is no need to produce copious amounts of nasal fluid and initiate violent bouts of sneezing. I have triumphed!

Pride goeth before a fall, the proverb says.

And I fall

The next day, the very next day, the dogwoods in my neighborhood bloomed. All of them. All at once.A mass orgy of white petaled procreation.

Turns out, I have not built up my immunity.

My body has figured out nothing. My immune system went on high alert when that lovely morning breeze carried the dogwood’s pollen to my nose.

In fact, it is much worse this year than normal. I usually power through without meds but not this year. I cycle through antihistamine brands, hoping for one strong enough to let me breathe outside for more than twenty minutes. And still I sneeze and snot.

I am tempted to hunker down inside until the yellow plague passes over. I live in the south. Yes the proportions are biblical!

But there is Sandy and walks will happen.

So out I go, but I pay attention to the flowering things on my route. I avoid the dogwood lined streets, which helps not much.

I cannot outwit or outrun the natural forces around me. If the finger of God writes with pollen, I must pay attention. Happy Tail Wags,

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