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wisdom of dogs, Issue #002 -- Year of mindfulness
March 10, 2021

Play - Pure Being

If you spend much time with a child, you know that despite the commotion, most of the noise and activity is actually non-doing. Just being.

When I play with my granddaughter, we don’t accomplish things. There are no books written or floors cleaned. We play. We have a good time and enjoy each other’s company.

We laugh. We use our imagination. We find animals in the cloud. And make up games about captive dragons.

We make art. Well she makes art. I make – an effort. We do crafts.

Technically, with arts and crafts we are “doing” in that we produce a physical something. But those somethings are not the point. They never were. The point is the shared experience, the being. Perhaps this is true of more doings than I realize.

Sandy is giving me her well-duh look! Humans are so slow to learn what dogs already know.

I'm going to play with my dog now. . .if she will share her toys.

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