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wisdom of dogs, Issue #022 -- Year of mindfulness
July 28, 2021

It should be easy to be mindful when petting a dog. They love the ear scritches and belly rubs. As they age, they prefer gentler strokes. It should be easy.

Pet the dog is a good mantra.

Petting the dog is good for you too. Lowers blood pressure. Improves your mood.

How it usually works

I love Sandy. I talk to her while I pet her. But as she lulls into a restful state, my brain goes off the rails. It jumps around and I soon I forget that there is another being craving my attention. I start thinking about my to-do list or what I want for dinner.

Sandy is aware of the shift. She will get up and lay on the couch with her back to me. I have clearly offended her.

Or she will find a toy and try to initiate a game of tug. Which I agree to, because I get it. I have been a neglectful human and need to pay attention.

Doing better

This week I have tried to keep my focus on my pup. The to-do list can wait. And dinner will happen without obsessive pre-planning.

I pet the dog. I relax. I pet the dog. Nothing more.

It has been good for me. I feel calmer. Maybe I can do this mindfulness thing.

Hopefully this is a bonding experience for us. After Sandy's scared_dog.html experience when I went on vacation, she needs a little extra love and reassurance.

Today's advice: Pet the dog.

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