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wisdom of dogs, Issue #069-- Year of Equanimity
August 17, 2022


For months I've been wanting to add an option to the website for visitors to share stories about their dogs.

Sure, I love sharing my stories - reliving memories of dogs from my past and sharing Sandy's hijinks.

But I also want to hear your stories.

I want to know what you’ve learned from your dogs.

And I want to see cute dog pictures of your dogs!

Unfortunately, it's taking me way longer than I expected to complete this project.


In the beginning, the issue was time. So I rearranged my life to give me more time.

I retired. The goal was to devote more time to my family and my writing projects and working on the website.

Suddenly a lot of other projects jumped in there and tried to take up space. People took up more space. This is a good thing; I want to have time for my people.

But somehow the “extra time” I thought I would have for this project has never materialized.

The real problem

Worse, and I hate to admit this, it is taking me longer to learn this new thing.

I am working to master the bits and pieces behind the scenes, set up the workflow, to create the forms, and upload them. I also have to figure out how to manage the flow and the forms!

My web service provider is furnishing the necessary support. But I need to figure out my part.

That's where the frustration comes in and where I need to work on my equanimity.


I can't do this as fast as I want to. This is strange and different for me. I am used to learning more quickly.

But this time, I can't figure out all the things, make the plans, do the techy stuff, and have a fully functioning system as quickly as I want.

I continue to chip away at it piece by piece. I struggle to keep my frustration in check.

I try – I really try to practice equanimity. I do what I can. I accept the results I produce and keep at it.

I know this project will get completed if I am patient enough to keep working.

Meanwhile, Sandy is unconcerned.

She’s had her breakfast and her walk and as long as dinner is not delayed, all is right with the world.

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