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wisdom of dogs, Issue #020 -- Year of mindfulness
July 14, 2021

Sandy and I both had things to say on the website recently about our walks.

Which got me to thinking about other walks, with other dogs. Dogs no longer with me. Ashes. Tala. Huff.

Walking an Old Dog

I believe that one of life’s great pleasures is walking an old dog.

I love watching her tail wag when I get her leash. She doesn’t leap up and run to me but her enthusiasm remains. I believe she enjoys the feel of a gentle breeze on her face as much as I do. I take real pleasure in the walk itself.

It’s slow. It is not aerobic exercise, but that’s okay. It’s a chance to notice the things I would have missed at brisker pace with a younger full-energy dog.

I feel good because I am there, in that moment.

Being Mindful

I am strolling, not rushing. I have time to notice the flowers and the birds. I watch my beloved companion stretch her aging legs, hoping this keeps her moving longer.

I watching her sniff all the things. She enjoys the mental stimulation of the various sniffs to be found in the park. Her vision isn’t so good. Her hearing is nearly gone. But her nose is still sensitive. Her wagging tail tells me she is happy.

I reminisce about her younger days when our walks were hurried. When there was so much to see and do. Now, as her tail starts to droop, I know it is time to head back.

I am patient. Unusual for me. But I know that I can no longer can look forward to years of walks together. So I savor it. Time is running short and as in this poem, I see the shadow. Shadow_poem_Suzanne_Grosser.html

Someday I know Sandy will be the old dog walking beside me. I’ll be older too. And we’ll both be okay with that. We will enjoy a slow more mindful walk. Together.

Happy Tail Wags,

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