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wisdom of dogs, Issue #068-- Year of Equanimity
August 10, 2022

My Current Situation

I need to write a newsletter.

In 20 hours, subscribers should be getting a notification that they have a new email from Wisdom of Dogs: the weekly newsletter about equanimity.

And I got nothing.

I have considered multiple topics but nothing sparks. So I’m going to subject you to my personal thoughts on a long overdue project.

Long Overdue

This week, I am working on old family photograph albums.

Organizing. Updating.

Tossing out pictures that are so old I have no idea who those people are, even with their names written on the back. My grandparents’ friends? Neighbors? Second cousins?

I know the future

What haunts me are the dreams and ambitions of the people in those photos. So much hope.

They don’t know what awaits. But in many cases, I do.

I see the loving hope in the newlywed’s eyes. They don’t know that their first child, a girl, will die in infancy.

But eight other children will follow and live to produce a multitude of grandchildren.

I see the pride as my grandparents pose in front of their newly built home with their growing family – five kids now!

This home will be repossessed by the bank when the depression hits. The same bank where they kept their savings, the savings that vanished when depression hit. There was no recourse for this injustice.

Eventually they recover and are able to build a bigger house to fit their even larger family of eight children.

In the end,

In the end, tragedy juxtaposed with triumphs. Joy circles sorrow and comes back to us again as joy.

If you were desperate to get a newsletter out, you might call that equanimity.

So I am sending this instead of a dog related newsletter because like Sandy with a good smell, I can’t let go of this until I have examined it thoroughly.

(See there I did manage to get dogs and equanimity into this!)

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