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wisdom of dogs, Issue #048-- Year of Nonjudgment
January 26, 2022

A true parable

This is the story of my best worst day. It is a modern day version of the parable of the Man Who Lost his Horse. It is also a true story.

Tala and Olie

I had to leave my two sweet dogs in the care of someone else for several months. It was heartbreaking.

When I got them back they had not been properly cared for. Their fur was matted. They were infested with fleas.

Money was tight so a professional groomer was beyond my budget. That was fine with me. I considered this painstaking task a sort of penance for leaving them.

After baths and meds, the slow and tedious work of grooming began. It consumed an entire weekend and was not nearly complete.

The girls comforted one another through the process like good sisters do.

My Best Worst Day

I woke the next morning with crusty eyes and horrendous chest congestion. I called off work. I needed meds so I decided to go the drug store. While there, I would buy an electric razor to speed up the grooming process.

I put on my jacket. I headed down the stairs. It was pretty windy. We were in the outer cone of probability for a hurricane later that week. My sleeve kept brushing my arm in the wind.

Then I realized the wind had stopped. And my sleeve was still moving. I ripped off my jacket to find a cockroach inside. I shook it out, did a little freak out dance, then tried to calm myself.

The electric transformer at the back of my yard exploded. Not calming, by the way.

I called the power company. They promised to come out within the hour.

Since my trip to store was cancelled, I used the time to read more about dog grooming and learned the electric razor was an awful idea for severe matting, especially in the hands of an amateur like me.

The power company came out and fixed the power. The hurricane sped up so instead of going to the store for meds, I prepped the house. The storm hit that night.

Good or Bad?

A lot of bad things happened that day:

I got sick.

There was a roach in my jacket sleeve.

The power went out.

The storm sped up and hit us that night.

But those bad things had good effects:

If I hadn’t been sick, I would have gone to work leaving my already stressed dogs alone in a tiny apartment with no air conditioning when the transformer blew.

If the roach hadn’t been trapped in my sleeve, I would have bought the wrong grooming equipment.

Moreover I would not have been home doing my freak out dance when the transformer blew, so I would not have called the power company in time to have electricity restored before the storm hit.

Last, the storm which thankfully did not knock out my power, did close my employer for several days. In those pre-work-from-home days, that gave me several uninterrupted days to groom and re-connect with my dogs.

The Moral of the Story

Like the Chinese Farmer I don’t know the future, so my response to such events should be nonjudgement. Happy Tail Wags



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