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wisdom of dogs, Issue #024 -- Year of mindfulness
August 11, 2021

When the World is Waking Up

I find it easy to be mindful when the world is waking up.

A walk as dawn is breaking keeps my brain in the here and now. Perhaps it is the quiet or the lack of distractions. Perhaps it is only my curiosity about what happens in my neighborhood before the humans come out.

When I can get out before the birds are singing, the world seems calm and fresh and hopeful.

Morning Mindfulness

Huff and I did a lot of those walks. He wasn’t a fan of other dogs so we would get up early before the neighbors and their dogs were out and about.

We’d head out while it was still dark.

The early hour let us see things we would have missed – a fox contently trotted back home after a night out. He glanced in our direction but didn’t seem overly concerned. There was distance between us and neither I nor my old dog could have caught him if we tried.

We heard screech owls in winter. I came to love their graveyard sound call. But it wasn’t until summer that we saw screech owlets lined up along the fence. Five of them. Huff wasn’t so happy about that. Life had taught him to err on the side of caution. Personally I thought the babies were absolutely adorable.

Old Dog Happiness

Huff liked to sniff a bit, see who had been there before us – especially if it was a cat. He would have chased a cat. But it was too dark for his old eyes to see and while his nose told him something was there, he couldn’t see it. That’s okay chasing cats is a young dog’s game.

We walked our route each day. Huff grazed on his favorite patch of grass in the spring when it first sprouted but never again until next spring. In the same way that the first tomatoes of summer are delicious and the winter hot house ones are not worth the time, I guess.

Growing Light

By the time we completed the circuit of the neighborhood, it was light. And neighbors were walking or warming up cars to leave for work.

It was once again a distracting place for me and my mindfulness was gone.

Huff is gone and it's me and Sandy now. It is a different experience from walking an old dog. But it walking_a_beagle.html still provides opportunities to be mindful.

If you struggle to stay mindful on your walk, try getting out extra early tomorrow.

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