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wisdom of dogs, Issue #031-- Year of mindfulness
September 29, 2021

An Argument Against Obsessive Mindfulness

So after spending 9 months (seriously you can grow a new human in this amount of time) striving for mindfulness, I find an article telling me that mindfulness can be bad for you.

But it's on the internet!

Okay granted you can find pretty much anything on the internet.

But they had some good points. Like mindfulness can be a form of overthinking (something I excel at). This happens when the task you are performing is one you are already adept at. They give the example of athletes “choking” because they are too focused on the task at hand.

Basically if you know how to do something, you don’t need to overthink it. Focusing all your mindful powers on it will be counterproductive.

Where does that leave me?

So where does that leave me and my quest for mindfulness?

In this case what the athletes need to do is clear their mind. (Ahem sounds like meditation.) They don’t need to focus on the task, they need to relax and let it flow.

You can read the article that prompted this overthinking here: ex mindlessness

More to come

I haven't given up.

I will keep being mindful . . .and try not to overthink.

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