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wisdom of dogs, Issue #012 -- Year of mindfulness
May 12, 2021

Hiding in Plain Sight

Being mindful is a spiritual practice, but it is also a practical practice. If you pay full attention in each situation, will you gain spiritual wisdom, insight, and sense of calm. (So I am told.)

Mostly I go through life on auto-pilot, but I’m working on it. I know that the more I strive to pay attention and be mindful, the more I become aware of things I would have otherwise missed.

I see and hear what I expect, but I don’t only notice those things. I notice what is there, hiding in plain sight. Like a tone of voice: my friend’s “I’m fine!” which means that despite her words, she is absolutely not fine. Then I can act on the truth behind her words.

Camouflage Dog

I opened the door and whistle for Tala. I have two cattle dog mixes, each with their own call whistle. Tala knows her whistle. She knows when she hears it that she needs to come to me. She doesn’t come.

I wait.

I whistle again, louder. I look but I don’t see her. I step out onto the porch. I call her name.

I scan the yard, but I just don’t see her. She could be behind the shed (in trouble no doubt) but usually she is really good about coming when I whistle. I’m stumped, about to put on my shoes and go looking for her. I worry she has found a way of the fenced-in yard, although she has never made any such attempts before.

Finally, I catch a hint of movement under the cherry tree in my direct line of site from the back door. I squint. (Does that really help?)

A breeze blows, moving the leaves and shifting the dappled shadows under the tree. I see her. My dappled blue-gray merle dog perfectly camouflaged in the shifting shadow and light under the trees. She is hiding in plain sight. Looking right at me. Waiting to see how long it will take me to notice her there.

“Really?!?” I say.

She gets up and walks to me, in no hurry and with a look of disdain. I can almost read her thoughts: "How did you get to be Alpha?

I look her in the eye and wiggle my thumb at her. “Opposable thumb. I can operate a corkscrew and open the wine bottle.”

She trots happily inside having heard the word wine.Yes, she likes wine. No, I don’t give her more than a sip or two.

Don’t judge me. I get enough judgement from her. Happy Tail Wags,

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