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wisdom of dogs, Issue #002 -- Year of mindfulness
February 11, 2021

Yoga as Mindfulness

I have a problem with yoga. Yoga is the antithesis of achievement. You move through positions and the end of it, you have observed your breath and tested your body. But you didn’t actually accomplish anything. It is not about achieving a pose, but observing what your body can do and how it feels.

Yoga, like so many mindfulness practices is observation, not action. Practice, not achievement.

I am uncomfortable with the idea of just being, not doing. I have been trained from childhood to do, to achieve, to accomplish. I was raised as a human doing. I am learning to accept myself as a human being.

Which I guess is the point of this year of mindfulness. Learning to be more like my dogs, less like a machine. Learning to be a human.

I do feel better after yoga. I feel stronger physically, quieter mentally, and calmer emotionally. As a mindfulness practice, it is a win for me. Because it showed me myself: my accomplishment-based achievement-driven human-doing self. Now it is time to embrace my being-self.

I will keep doing yoga. And seek out more ways of just being. And I'll let you know how it's going.

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