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wisdom of dogs, Issue #030 -- Year of mindfulness
September 22, 2021

I need mindfulness today

Someone has hurt a person I love and I am powerless to intervene.

I tell myself karma.

I tell myself time is on my side.

I tell myself that anger leads to hate (almost there) and that hate will only hurt me.

That she would feed off my anger and hate.

That she will never come around and it is time to write her off.

My obsessive thoughts only hurt me.

My obsessive thoughts keep me from checking in on my friends because they all have their own problems. I don’t want to drag them down.

It is time for me to be still and wait.

It is time for me to re-read this book: stockdale_paradox.html It is time to remember to use what little power I have.

Even if that power is only the ability to sit and wait while the fire burns itself out. I will be touched by the flames but I will not be destroyed.

I will wait in this moment.

I will wait.

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