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wisdom of dogs, Issue #002 -- Year of mindfulness
February 03, 2021

A Ruff Start

As Steven Pressfield warned us, any time we are working on a worthwhile project, resistance will show up early and often. My project for 2021 is mindfulness practice.

Resistance showed up on January 1st .

Pretending to be my logical brain, resistance asked “If you stay in the present how will you plan for the future? There will be no groceries in the cupboard because you wouldn’t bother to make a list and go to the store. There will be no lights in the house because you wouldn’t plan ahead to pay the electric bill. Or even get to work on time”

A lot of exaggeration. But hey, that is what resistance does.It didn’t give up: “Sure, mindfulness is okay for monks in a cloister where someone else runs things and worries things but in real life . . .”

Sandy does deal with resistance. Except for baths - then she shows a lot of resistance. But mostly she is a happy pup.

I sighed. I’ve been doing that a lot lately. I promised resistance that I would think over its concerns. And I did.

I decided that if resistance is so eager to stop me, this mindfulness thing must be a worthwhile project.

So I continue.

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