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wisdom of dogs, Issue #029 -- Year of mindfulness
September 15, 2021

It not where you are; it's what you notice.

The follow-up to my ‘dances with spiders’ walk was rewarding myself and Sandy with a treat from the local coffee shop drive through. Coffee for me. A dog treat for Sandy.

There was a line. And I know they aren’t fast. But it’s the home-grown coffee shop not the national chain, so I prefer to patronize them.

A major factor in that decision is the fact that the national chain does not have dog treats.

Priority: Dog Treats

The local folks have a big plastic container of dog treats right by the pickup window. Sandy waits patiently in the back seat for a human to appear at the window and she sticks her nose out the car window with her best cute-puppy face and a madly wagging tail.

As soon as she hears the magic word treat (as in “Can she have a dog treat?”) Sandy ducks back and plants her butt in the center of the back seat. This is the spot where she knows the treat will be delivered to her. It is the only place where I will give her the treat. I won’t risk her jumping out to take the treat as it is passed to me.

Sandy is amazingly cooperative when there is a treat involved.

But first, we wait.

But before we get to the pickup window, we must wait. The drive through snakes around behind the building past the loading dock. There was one scraggly dogwood in a sickly patch of grass next to the building.

Not picturesque.

We wait and we wait.

I look around and notice a mockingbird using a low spot in the building gutter for a bird bath.

His joy was infectious.

He jumped in, splashed about. He jumped out shaking off. Preening. Then back in again. I was mesmerized.

I was mindful. I was in the moment, paying attention.

The mindfulness I sought in the woods escaped me but I found it in the parking lot.

It’s not where you are: it’s what you notice.

Happy Ending

Eventually the line moved. Sandy got her treat.

I got coffee, with a side of mindfulness.

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