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wisdom of dogs, Issue #008 -- Year of mindfulness
April 14, 2021

Mindful Eating

This week’s goal was mindfulness eating. Total fail!

The plan. Eat mindfully. Pay attention to each bite. Savor my meals. Actually taste my food. Simple.

Not for me.

My Plan

My plan was to focus on the story behind my food and my reasons for eating. I would consider think about where it came from offering gratitude for all those involved in the process of getting that food to my table. I would think about what my food is doing for my body. Vitamins and proteins and antioxidants and such.

That sort of worked, until I was distracted – printed words! Or did it too fast. Or just plain forgot. My food was gone and 30 mins later I was trying to remember if I ate and if I did eat, was it good? Sigh.

Sandy only emulates my quick eating habit, she supports it. Because the faster I eat, the quicker we get to the leftover tidbits she is counting on. I know, I know. Don’t give your dog table scraps. Honestly, prehistoric dogs didn’t start hanging out with humans for our personalities – they liked our leftovers.

I do limit what I give her and adjust her dinner bowl accordingly. But I digress.


I kept trying and a few times did make it through a meal paying attention. Damn few. And I felt fuller and more important, satisfied. Sandy was a little mopey – but life goes on.

I extended this experiment an additional week since the first week was really bad. But with little improvement in week two.

I gave it one last attempt. I would sit and savor a square of super dark chocolate. It’s one of my favorite things.I thought. Turns out when I take the time to really nibble and chew and loll that deep rich chocolate on my tongue, it’s actually quite bitter. I. Don’t. Like. It.

I can slowly eat and appreciate super dark, hardly any sugar chocolate. But it turns out I don’t want to. Who knew?

The point of savoring mindfulness is to appreciate the good things in your life, to feel gratitude, to be in the moment. To enjoy. But - spiritual lesson from failure alert! It might also be about opening your eyes to what you don’t like. What you don’t want in your life. Oh dear.

Lessons Learned

I do not like super-dark chocolate.

I do like pasta with a lot of veggies.

There are things I do not want on my plate.

And I don’t think that applies only to my actual dinner plate. Happy Tail Wags,Suzanne inspiration-and-entertainment-blog.html

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