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wisdom of dogs, Issue #023 -- Year of mindfulness
August 04, 2021

Be mindful, not jaded.

After you’ve been around a few years, you start to believe the adage that “there’s nothing new under the sun.”

You start to think there is nothing new to see. So you stop looking. In other words, you are jaded.

An attitude of mindfulness requires you to look. Even if you’ve seen it all before. Spoiler alert! You haven’t.

My lunchtime walk:

Sadly, I am not at home to walk my pup each day at lunch. That will have to wait for retirement.

I take the same walk at lunchtime each day. I leave my building and walk down a paved one lane road that leads to a dock over the intercoastal waterway. Nice.

The road is wooded on either side. There isn’t much traffic and if there is a vehicle, it’s usually someone I work with. So unless I’ve really irritated someone that day, I feel confident they will make an effort to drive carefully enough not to kill me.

The dock reaches out over a marsh complete with herons in search of fish and osprey (the bird not the helicopter) circling overhead.

At low tide fiddler crabs scramble about in search of food.

It smells like a marsh too: salty with just a hint of decay.

By the end of the dock the water is deeper, creating a channel for boats. During the summer, jet skis compete with the fisherman for space on the water. In the winter when the tide is right with fish running close to shore, the dolphins show up.

Nothing new.

I’ve been here so many times, I don’t expect to see anything new.

But I still delight at the sight of dolphins and herons.

I love the wave of the seagrass and the sound it makes as a boat’s wake washes over it. It bends to the water as it must, but it springs back quickly unchanged. Very wise, that seagrass.

I don’t expect to see anything new.

But sometimes, I do.

White pelicans too far north of their range, displaced by a hurricane just south of here.

Flat topped deep blue-gray cumulonimbus clouds covering ¾ of horizon. Yes, I now know they are bringing a storm. (You live and learn.)

Oh yeah, and that snake. Big snake. Like I "couldn’t get my two hands around its girth" big. (No, I did not try.)

Its middle section was in the road but the ends were somewhere in the marsh-y woods. The sort of snake you see in videos and sort of wonder if they haven’t somehow faked it.

I was definitely mindful that day. My full attention was in the moment. Absolutely.

Don't become jaded.

You never know when you will learn that you have not, in fact seen it all.

Stay mindful my friends

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