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wisdom of dogs, Issue #019 -- Year of mindfulness
July 07, 2021

Suzanne's mid-year update

I am halfway through this year of mindfulness experiment. I’d like to say it’s going great and I am calmer, more centered, and more in tune with my world. But that would be a lie. Still I persevere.

I have learned a few things. For starters, I have become aware of how unaware I am – that’s progress right?

I did learn that:

Birding is a mindfulness practice.

I don’t like super dark chocolate.

Sandy is not good at yoga.

Also, I am easily distracted and my brain is busy busy busy when I want it to be quiet.

I am doing better at sitting consistently to meditate. But not much better at actually staying focused on my breath. Busy brain! Still, I am putting this in the win column. I have to start somewhere and sitting is a start. It’s the first command we teach a dog, right? So I am good at sit, but my brain won’t stay. 😊

Sandy's mid-year update

Sandy is doing just fine because she is dog and dogs are always mindful. Sandy stays in tune with her world wherever she is. After all she doesn’t want to miss a treat, or a new friend, or a new friend with a treat.

Perhaps one day, I will be as mindful as my dog. Until then, Sandy will be my guru, leading by example.

Happy Tail Wags,

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