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wisdom of dogs, Issue #017 -- Year of mindfulness
June 23, 2021

Daily Meditation Habit

I am not happy with my inability to mediate. But I don't have a solution for that yet. Until my old friend karma.html steps in.

in the doctor's office

I am waiting in the exam room at the dermatologist’s office.

5 minutes.

10 minutes.


I can hear a conversation in the next room muffled by the wall. Beyond that are the barely discernable notes of a radio playing in the nurses station.

15 minutes.

I’m bored. This exam room has plenty of posters on the wall. Mostly images of grotesque skin conditions. I avoid those and check out the before and after images of plastic surgery patients. I am not yet that vain.

There is a nice flat screen I could watch. It is rolling through informational graphics. Checklists of things to ask your doctor about. Pictures of grinning people whose horrible skin conditions were cured by miracle medications. Greetings from a friendly local pharmacy that would love to help me obtain those prescriptions. No thank you.

20 minutes

I look to the opposite wall where a television (sound off) is tuned to a home remodeling show. A story of happy homeowners whose dreams are nearly dashed by hidden damage. Cured within the show’s 30 minute run time, I am sure.

How long have I been waiting?

I do not want to think of all the projects I need to do at home or ponder the potential for hidden damage I am blissfully unaware of. Will I have any money for such things when they are through with me here?

I should do something more productive with my time. I did not bring a book. I don’t want to scroll Facebook on my phone.

I could meditate. . .

I mean, I’m not doing anything else. And the doctor does not seem to be in any hurry to interrupt my free time here.

So I sit up straight. Close my eyes. Breathe.

Focus on my breath. Shut out the sounds from outside the room. Breathe.

I relax my shoulders. Breathe.

Imagine a golden light surrounding me. Feel that light. Breathe.

The tension leaves me. The answer to a question I was struggling with pops into my brain. Thank you. Breathe.

Hey! This stuff really works.

So once again, I promise myself I will make time to meditate.

Hopefully I mean it this time.

Yes, I finally did see the doctor – for 5 whole minutes. Everything was fine.

My wallet is a little sore, though. Happy Tail Wags,

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