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wisdom of dogs, Issue #065-- Year of Equanimity
July 20, 2022


When I started this newsletter I expected there to be a linear sort of storyline. Maybe growth line is a better term, but I expected it to be linear.

Instead, I bounce from one unrelated topic to the next, pulling examples from my life of the ways I practice equanimity or more often, ways I failed to practice.

I really thought there would be an overarching “I learned this, which led me to this, which led me to this.”

Like in mathematics you learn addition, which helps you with multiplication, and that leads you to division.

Spiritual Growth is not Math

But apparently spiritual growth is not math.

For me, it is a squiggly line full of random intersections, unexpected loops, and frustrating switchbacks.

A Walk with Sandy

My spiritual growth is more like a walk with Sandy.

There's a destination: we need to get back home. But the path between the beginning and the destination is rarely what you would expect.

It's not follow this trail, then this sidewalk, stay in the middle. It’s not keep following the pre-marked path and you will find your way back home.


True, sometimes we get lost.html

We set out on trail, but there are a lot of side roads and interesting smells we have to follow. Then are people we need to greet and oh wait, that's an interesting looking path.

Honestly, we both get bored following a pre-designed course. So we meander.

Home Again

We still make our way home eventually, but our journey is a decidedly squiggly line.

Here’s hoping the squiggly line of my spiritual growth leads me home as well.

Happy Tail Wags

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