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wisdom of dogs, Issue #066-- Year of Equanimity
July 27, 2022

Exploring with Sandy

Sandy's an explorer. She likes to follow her nose like any self-respecting beagle but sometimes, she just follows her curiosity.

If there is a path we haven't tried yet, she wants to take it. I enjoy this too.

We find a new Path

Our local park is surrounded by neighborhoods. The park has a single walking path that loops around the soccer fields, past the tennis courts and around a pond. We visit this park about once a week and have taken this path many times.

But we like to mix things up, so this time we head between the tennis courts. I figure we'll circle around them and back onto the sidewalk. It will make our walk a little longer and I’ll get in some more steps.

But then we discover a path we haven’t seen before. The path leads I don't know where.

Sandy looks at me and I look at her.

“Let's do it.”

We head on down the path. Sandy's happy to lead even though neither one of us has any idea where we're going.

We scare but do not chase a rabbit. We follow the trail through the woods. Suddenly the path opens up and there's another pond.

There's a neighborhood nearby and my curiosity gets to me. My brain cannot add it to my mental map of the area.

We go in search of a street sign, preferably an intersection so I can be certain where we are. I find it snap a picture of the intersection because I don't trust me to remember it.

Sad I know.

Looping Back

Sandy is all for heading down the road to explore, but I insist on returning to the pond.

We circle the pond and find yet another path. Yes, we follow it. We find pond #3. Look for the a nearby street sign. I am Lewis & Clark. I will map this area!

But when we find an intersection, the names are the same as the last intersection. Both street names are the same. The houses are different so we haven’t made a circle.

Back to the car

We've gone as far as we can go for a walk in the summer heat, so we turn around and retrace our steps, back down the path between the tennis courts, to the park.

Most importantly to Sandy at least, we make it back to the car where there are treats waiting for her.

When I get home, I use Google maps to find this anomaly.

It hits me immediately. One of the street names includes Loop, meaning it loops around. Apparently it loops around back onto the same street that it came off.

Not unlike my spiritual journey. I keep looping back, finding the same guideposts.

Yet I'm not lost.

I'm simply looping around, following the trail and enjoying the day.

Sandy approves.

Happy Tail Wags

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