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wisdom of dogs, Issue #050-- Year of Nonjudgment
February 09, 2022

Judging by mood

He was walking along the edge of the road, wearing a backpack. The weather was cold, but he had boots, a warm coat and as they say in the south – a toboggan. For you non-southerners, that’s a knit beanie or a tossle cap. A hat, he was wearing a warm hat.

A college kid perhaps. Skinny. Walking happy. A bounce in his step, rocking out to the music in his ear buds.

My mood

I was in a foul mood. Unusual for me but I was ruminating on several unpleasant things. A waste of time and energy.

Seeing his happiness lifted my spirits for a moment.

But when I got closer, I noticed his pants. He wore those baggy-seat low-low slung totally impractical pants that “kids these days” sometimes wear.

My judgement muscle kicked in with how foolish he looked in those pants.

Except that he was happy. I was not. How foolish is that?

My judgement was totally about me and my lousy mood. It had nothing to do with his fashion choices.

Let Sandy be the Judge

Worse, my fashion choices are nothing to brag about. I have been known to wear some pretty outlandish clothing combinations when walking the dog on a cold day. Multiple layers. Insulated pants with clashing jacket. Mismatched hat and gloves.

I am so grateful that dogs don’t have the same color vision as humans. If they did, Sandy probably would refuse to walk with me.

Unless there were treats. Sandy will do almost anything for a treat.

Hope you have a wonderful week. I'm going to re-think not only my fashion choices, but my willingness to judge others based on my mood.

Happy Tail Wags



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