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wisdom of dogs, Issue #083-- Year of Equanimity
December 14, 2022

Is equanimity passive?

At first glance equanimity appears to be passive. We simply accept things as they are without judging. So it must be passive.

But in reality, equanimity is more like surfing.

Why it's surfing

Life tosses us about – one wave after another. Equanimity asks us to accept each wave as it is. But it does not expect us to drown in them.

Rather, it lets us see each wave for its myriad possibilities.

Equanimity gives us the clear sightedness to evaluate each wave. Based on that clear vision, we make a choice to surf or wait.

We might catch the wave and ride it in to shore. If we fall, we paddle back out and try again.

We might pass up that wave and wait for the next. There will always be another wave. We get to choose the ones we ride.

Sandy fails me

Now would be the perfect place to include a cute video of Sandy frolicking in the waves.

Alas, Sandy does not frolic in the waves.

Sandy loves the beach

She does not love the water.

The water at the beach is a lie, it is salty and undrinkable.

The waves are rude – sneaking up and getting you wet when you least expect it. Like a bath, but worse because there are no treats afterwards.

Sandy loves to walk on the beach, as long as the water stays in its place. Here is where you can read about my beach_dog.html

We're headed to the beach now. I'll practice equanimity when the incoming waves catch us and wet our feet. Sandy will not.

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