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wisdom of dogs, Issue #026 -- Year of mindfulness
August 25, 2021

The Interrupter

That's me. (Hangs head shamefully.)

I have a bad habit of interrupting people when they are talking. I know better. I want to do better, I remind myself to do better. I berate myself when I fail. None of that works.

Trying Mindfulness

This week I am trying mindfulness.

I have come to see interrupting as a lack of mindfulness. When I cut in with my own thoughts, I am stepping out of the moment. I am ignoring the conversation that is happening in the present so that I can talk about something from my past or an idea for the future.

I am not mindful of the person speaking. I am not mindful of the value of their words and their thoughts. I let myself forget their value to me.

Granted some people must be interrupted or you will never get to speak. I don’t spend a lot of time with such people.

This practice

In this practice, I am concerned with people who I care about. Who I want to know more about, yet my interruptions, my lack of mindfulness interfere.

Sometimes I am simply excited and I want to help. I want to share what I know but talking over someone is rude.

Honestly, my friends can usually figure their own stuff out. Sometimes all they need is someone to listen or ask good questions.

Dog's interrupt

Sandy interrupts me of course. Not with words. But any dog lover knows they can interrupt in ways that can’t be ignored. This happens when:

I am talking too much and not petting her enough.

I am on the phone too long and we should be playing.

Other times, she interrupts when she feels my anxiety rising. She gets a toy or asks to go for walk. Interrupting in the very best way. Not for herself, but for her human. Okay, a little bit for herself.

I’m off to lunch with a friend now. Taking my mindfulness with me.

Promising to listen, to ask good questions, and to only interrupt in the very best way, like Sandy.

I’ll let you know how it goes!

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