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wisdom of dogs, Issue #057-- Year of Equanimity
April 06, 2022

Equanimity comes from Mindfulness

Let’s go back to the farmer of our fable we explored back in January. A horse shows up in his pasture.

His neighbors rejoiced over his good fortune. He said “Maybe. maybe not.”

He was certainly aware that a new horse might mean a profitable future. It could work the farm, sire foals, or even be sold. But those possibilities were all in the future.

In that moment it was just a horse in a field. The farmer chose equanimity.

Maybe it was good fortune. Maybe it was not.

Turn of fortune

His son fell from the horse and was injured.

His neighbors consoled him over the bad luck. Again, he said “Maybe. Maybe not.”

He could have been upset. He might have worried that his son might always walk with a limp, that he might never fully recover, that he might never be able to work the farm. But those possibilities were all in the future.

In that moment his son had survived the accident and was recuperating. Again, the farmer chose equanimity.

Maybe it was bad luck. Maybe it was not.

How do you look at the world?

Looking at the world with equanimity means you stay in the moment. You don’t judge an event based on what might happen at some future time. You stay in this moment.

We don’t know what the future holds. So why spend energy – happy or sad – over events that may or may not happen?

I spent all last year working on mindfulness. This year, equanimity called to me. I’d like to say I was smart and saw this as a logical step. But I’m not. I didn’t. It took three months of this practice for me to even notice the connection.

Since Sandy is already in the moment, she has decided to let me handle this week’s message. She taking a nap by my desk. Her job this week is moral support.

Happy Tail Wags

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