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wisdom of dogs, Issue #074-- Year of Equanimity
September 28, 2022

Hidden Love

Last week I shared Sandy’s sad experience seeing a man she thought was her former owner at the park with another dog.

I know the truth of the situation. He gave her up because he was dying from cancer.

He loved her enough to ensure she never had to spend time in a shelter.

He let her go at a time when she would have been a great comfort to him.

To the end, he was the good alpha putting the needs of his pack before his own desires.

The current world attitude seems to be that his behavior is unusual. That everyone puts themselves first. Let others fend for themselves.

I disagree.

A brother's love

Waiting in a TSA line at the Austin airport, I watched a boy about twelve years old waiting in line with this younger sister and his parents. Parents on the phone. Little sister goofing around like kids do, (like I wished I could do – but TSA!)

She got too close to the metal stanchion and would have bumped her head – except.

Her brother was there, his hand over the metal, her head cushioned by his hand. She never even noticed.

No one did, except me.

Perhaps, we all have others watching out for us in ways we don’t notice.

I see an elderly woman planting flowers in the dirt patch in front of her apartment in a public housing complex.

Hard work for her. I wonder why she bothers. She could put a potted plant inside her home. Easier and it will last longer.

But then a school bus comes by, stops on her corner, and kids pile out. Laughing and jostling one another. Kids who see flowers now, instead of dirt.

Love surrounds us

Perhaps there is love that surrounds us and protects us, love that to tries to shield us and make life better for us even in difficult circumstances.

Perhaps we should be that love for others.

Whether we rescue dogs or plant flowers, it’s up to all of us to watch out for one another.

Then we can have faith that someone will be watching out for us. We might not see it. But we should never doubt it.

Trust love

Sandy can't see the sacrifice Joe made for her. She won’t ever know the gift he gave her.

But it was still worth doing.

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