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wisdom of dogs, Issue #067-- Year of Equanimity
August 03, 2022


Heat indexes are rising across the northern hemisphere as the dog days of late summer arrive.

It's a time to slow down and take it easy. This is not the time to be industrious or ambitious.

These are reading in the shade days, lying in a hammock days. It's a good time to rethink your priorities.

Time Enough

It seems despite my recent retirement I have not yet adjusted to the idea that there is time enough.

Time enough to walk the dog in the cooler parts of the day.

Time enough to nap in the hammock leaving your energy for that walk.

Time enough.

Being Boss

I struggle to let go of my ambition and busyness. For many years those things meant I was valuable and important.

Since childhood, being productive, whether chores at home or school assignments, was encouraged. Actually it was required.

But these are dog days and my ambition is drained and busyness seems silly.

Now it seems I am the boss of me. At last.

Sandy leads

Let's be honest, most days it feels like Sandy is the boss.

I know she is trying to teach me.

She still loves to walk but she is willing to stop and rest. She enjoys being outside, but she isn’t chasing birds or lizards or anything. And she lets me know, quite vocally, when she is done being outside and prefers to be inside.

Dog Days

Dogs days are part of life.

These days are the exhalation of rest to balance the inhalation of productivity. Equanimity.

Now is a time for rest. The time for busy will come again.

Resting now, like resting in the shade during these dog_days.html with Sandy replenishes the stores of energy I need for future ambitions.

So I listen to Sandy. She’s expert after all.

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