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wisdom of dogs, Issue #035-- Year of mindfulness
October 27, 2021

The Heart of Mindfulness

At the heart of mindfulness is courage. Being mindful means being here, being with whatever is happening now. That takes real courage.

Sit with Beauty

In mindfulness you sit with the beauty; that’s the easy part. Embracing the calming zen-mood we think of when we talk of mindfulness is not difficult.

But to be truly mindful, sometimes you sit with the ugly and painful, too.

The tears.

The empty spots that used to be full.

Mindfulness lets what is real emerge and have your attention. Real isn’t always pretty. Sometimes real is angry. Sometimes real hurts.

Sit with Ugly

You have to sit with the uncomfortable. If you are mindful, you will have to face what is really here:

the growing gap between you and a loved one.

the pain of a recent loss.

the labored breathing of a friend who claims there is nothing wrong, despite all those recent doctor appointments.

You do it all without projecting into the future. Or reliving the past.

You stay here, now. In the heart of mindfulness.

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