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wisdom of dogs, Issue #077-- Year of Equanimity
October 26, 2022

Halloween is coming

Halloween is a big deal around my house.

The people I love are really into all things Halloween, but especially the creative arts.

Costume planning begins 6 months (sometimes a year) in advance. Decorations start going up in early September.

Family DIY

Costumes are not store bought – no, no, no. We are a family of creators.

While my forte is words, theirs is fabrication. For months, we prepare – cutting and sewing, dying wigs, painting details on fabric, forming cardboard and foam into props.

You can check out my author page cosplay to see the results.

The dogs are not excluded. They get costumes as well, but I can’t say they are always happy about it.

This year Sandy will be a floor cleaning robot. It’s perfect for her: she is an expert at floor cleaning.

There are no crumbs on my floor – dog hair but no crumbs.

Tolerant Sandy

Sandy tolerates the nonsense as long as she is compensated with treats. (Dog treats, not candy!)

Sometimes, you just gotta go along with the silly ideas that the humans you love come up with.

I'd like to say this is a bit of Sandy’s dog wisdom – her practice of equanimity.

But really, I think it’s about the treats.

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