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wisdom of dogs, Issue #080-- Year of Equanimity
November 23, 2022


It's the third week of November and in the United States, many people celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving. On the surface, it's a time to gather with loved ones and eat too much food.

But the real point of the holiday is to put gratitude front and center.

Gratitude is crucial to equanimity.

Equanimity and Gratitude

Equanimity tells us to accept what is – the screen door is ripped and the carpet could use a good shampooing.

Gratitude tells us to embrace the joy of the moment – we have a roof over our head and functional indoor plumbing.

Equanimity tells us that we are losing Aunt Bethany to dementia.

Gratitude tells us she is having a good time, because "the most enduring traditions of the season are best enjoyed in the warm embrace of kith and kin." (Yes, I am quoting Christmas Vacation – go, watch it.)

The only constant

We already know that life changes. We know we won’t have this particular moment ever again.

When we practice gratitude, we truly have the now.

We don’t miss the moment in front of us because we are scrolling social media (comparing other’s feasts) or worrying about that ridiculously high water bill. (Oh wait, that’s just me.)


It’s not the times our table looks like a magazine cover and the family is all getting along.

The perfect moment is the one we have now, if we are mindful of our circumstances, accepting of our circumstances, and embrace the all the joys of those circumstances.

Gratitude allows that moment of perfection to be this moment, right now.

Happy Thanksgiving from Sandy & Suzanne

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