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wisdom of dogs, Issue #070-- Year of Equanimity
August 24, 2022

A good vet report!

It's not often you get a perfect report from the doctor. Or the vet. But that's what happened to Sandy.

She had her annual physical last week and got perfect marks. Her weight was exactly where the vet wanted it to be: down 9 pounds from last year. Woo-hoo!

At last year’s visit, the vet advised me to cut Sandy’s food portions by 10%.

I started using a measuring cup to fill her dish so I knew precisely how much I was giving her.

In addition to watching food portions, we've been walking more.

The vet was ecstatic over her weight loss. "People don't usually listen to us,” he said.

A step backward

As a reward for our good work, I stopped at a fast food restaurant and got sandwiches. Yes, I bought Sandy her own sandwich – plain of course.

Then we stopped at a local park and took a short walk before finding a picnic table and digging in to our feast.

Yes, I am aware that I rewarded weight loss with a high fat treat.

It's all about balance

Sandy's dinner that night was half her normal portion. I hoped she wouldn’t notice. She did. She was not happy.

I would like to rejoice in our success. But this is the time for equanimity.

We celebrated. But we’re not changing our behavior long-term. We will maintain the food portions and the walking. With exceptions for the extreme heat of summer’s dog_days.html It's important to be proud of your accomplishments. But it's equally important not to get complacent.

Equanimity teaches us that when we have good fortune, we should not assume we will always have good fortune.

It is okay to celebrate, as long as we continue the actions that brought us to this place of good fortune.

Have a sandwich. Talk a walk. Practice equanimity.

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