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wisdom of dogs, Issue #064-- Year of Equanimity
July 13, 2022

Making Friends

Sandy loves making friends.

But not everyone is a dog lover. (Crazy! I know.)

She accepts this with equanimity.

Sandy's approach

She has a sense of who is a good prospect for friendship. And who is not.

She ignores the fast walking folks whose eyes are on their phones.

She gives extra space to anyone who seems afraid of dogs.

She sometimes will give them an extra big tail wag. Others she makes no eye contact with at all.

How she decides I don’t know, but it works. It is surprising how often the slightly fearful folks will give me a little smile. Progress in overcoming their fear, thanks to Sandy.

When she makes a friend

I have seen Sandy roll on her back and wiggle in delight as a group of grade school girls rubbed her tummy and squealed “Your dog is so cute!”

Ten minutes later, I watched her stand completely still so a special needs child with a lot of fears could approach her from behind and touch her – with just one finger. But he touched her. Then he ran to his mother celebrating “I touched the dog! I touched the dog!”

Sandy never once looked at him or acknowledged the touch. That would have scared him.

How does she know?

It’s her super power I guess.

But I know it starts with observation (mindfulness) and equanimity (accepting what is). She translates this wisdom into her super power: making_friends.html

That is why this website exists – so I can learn from the wisdom of Sandy.

Happy Tail Wags

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