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wisdom of dogs, Issue #088
July 12, 2023

Sandy is sad.

Sandy is sad these days. Once again, she's the only dog in the house. Her friend Arya has moved out with her own human.

My daily practice

As I drift off to sleep each evening, I make it a point to think about 5 things I enjoyed that day. I sleep better and I wake with a more positive attitude.

To help Sandy, I’ve made an addition to my bedtime ritual. I'm adding in five things that Sandy enjoyed that day. I'm hoping this helps me notice them more, so I can make more of them happen.

Below is Sandy's list from yesterday:

Sandy's list - the park

1. Our walk in the park. We followed her favorite route that has especially good sniffs. We had to cut it a little short because it’s July, in the Carolinas which means stupid hot. But she didn’t seem to mind.

2. Sandy made friends. She met a couple of new dogs who were friendly. Sniffs were exchanged and there was much tail-wagging.

Sandy's list - home

4. I did some fiction writing while sitting on the bed using my laptop desk. It’s comfortable for me and I’ve learned it is one of Sandy's favorite things. Not because she loves my writing, but because it means we’re together on the bed. Whenever I get stuck with the words, I take a break and rub her belly. Life is good.

5. I could go for the easy win here and say she enjoyed her dinner. She always enjoys her dinner. She’s part beagle.

Struggle for 5

But I struggled to find a #5. It makes me sad to realize that a dog whose basic personality is joy – a beagador - she doesn't have enough joy in her day-to-day life.

So now I have a new project, another journey to share with you.

Come along and if you have any suggestions for helping Sandy find her joy, you can respond to this email or use the contact form on the website.

Wishing you loads of Happy tail wags,

May you bond with all your furry friends,

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