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wisdom of dogs, Issue #078-- Year of Equanimity
November 02, 2022

I am frustrated

I am trying to write about equanimity and it’s not going well.

How meta.

Frustration is the opposite of equanimity. Really it is – there are only two antonyms listed on google for equanimity: frustration and anxiety.

Yes, I am getting a little anxious, too. My deadline is creeping closer.

Where's my guide?

Where is my spiritual guide when I need her? Napping on the couch. After all, her only deadline is dinner.

This week, I might be a failure. In a big way. Because I set the task and the deadline. I failed myself and my subscribers.

Unless . . .

I can treat my failure with equanimity – thereby pulling this one out at the last minute.

Ha! I am not a failure, I am an experiential learner. I nearly failed and faced it with equanimity. Thereby un-failing. I mean succeeding.

No thanks to Sandy!

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