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wisdom of dogs, Issue #076-- Year of Equanimity
October 19, 2022

I want to be like Sandy

She greets everyone with enthusiasm.

Not everyone responds of course and she is okay with that. One or even a dozen rejections don’t dampen her spirit.

She practices equanimity.

She moves on to the next person. And the next, until she finds that one who responds.

She brings her joy into the lives of anyone who is open to it. This is her reason to get up in the morning, her ikigai.html

Purpose as Practice

She’s not a therapist or a purveyor of wisdom.

There is no fee or obligation for the hope she brings.

She simply celebrates being in the same space as well, everyone who responds to her joyful attitude. You never know whose life she will touch.

Joy in the park

A few days ago, our walk in the park turned into bit of joy for a total stranger. As he walked toward us, his body language and facial expression conveyed that he carried heavy burdens within.

Sandy went into full on tail-wagging glad-to-see-you mode.

He smiled. He stopped to pet her and she wiggled with joy.

Before he walked away, he looked at me and said, “I really needed that today.” He walked away, a little less burdened.

Yes, I want to be like Sandy.

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