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wisdom of dogs, Issue #063-- Year of Equanimity
June 29, 2022

Equanimity and Boredom

I am bored.

It doesn’t happen often, not to me.

I rarely get bored. I have must-do lists, wanna-do lists, really-oughta lists.

I schedule breaks so I have time to read. My to- be-read list is an ever-evolving exercise in impossibility.

Then there are everyday tasks that don’t even make a list. Meal prep. Vacuuming. Laundry.

Stepping back

But big transitions are happening in my life and I knew I needed to ease up. I knew I needed to give myself time and space to adjust, to process, to rest.

I should have known better.

I suck at rest.

In kindergarten I earned a grade of “unsatisfactory” in rest period. (Yes, I went to kindergarten when naptime was a thing.) I didn’t rest well then and I haven’t developed that skill since.

So I am bored.

Working through it

Since this newsletter really oughta go out on Wednesday, here I am trying to figure out how I can approach boredom with equanimity.

I mean, yeah. I’m bored. It’s not a good thing. Or a bad thing. I don’t judge it. That’s how this is supposed to work.

But it’s not working. I hate it.

Still, I am forcing myself to do it. I am ignoring the lists (except my TBR). I am not pushing myself to accomplish, to produce.

I will learn to rest, even if it kills me.

Okay that was over-dramatic

Sandy rests.

A lot.

She is full of energy and enthusiasm, especially for treats and walks. But when our walk is over, she naps. When dinner is over, she enjoys the breeze in the backyard.

She plays hard. She shares her ikigai.html

When her “work” is done, she rests.

So once again, I follow my dog’s example in hopes of finding spiritual wisdom.

I will emulate Sandy and I will rest. Happy Tail Wags

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