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wisdom of dogs, Issue #051-- Year of Nonjudgment
February 16, 2022

Change of Terms

I’ve chosen a new word for my practice this year: equanimity.

Same Goal

I am still seeking a more peaceful, less judgmental approach to life. But nonjudgement seems too small a word for want I am working toward.

I am shifting my perspective, opening up to a more comprehensive way to practice.

Or maybe I just hate the word nonjudgment with its awkward syllables and multiple correct spellings. Too confusing.

Maybe I think equanimity makes me sound smarter, although the opportunity to spell it wrong is even greater.


Still equanimity is a better term for what I am seeking.

Part of it is nonjudgement – avoiding judgements, leaving preconceived notions behind. Being like the wise Chinese farmer, open to what is. Accepting what is.

I seek to maintain a state of mental calmness, to not get worked up about something that will inevitably change. And everything changes.

I believe that equanimity if I can master it, will allow me to move forward toward the things that bring me joy – time with my family, telling stories on the website.

Equanimity means the power to not allow difficult situations to distract or disturb me.

Sandy is not helping with this at all tonight. She has curled up on the couch with her nose tucked under her tail, a clear “do not disturb” sign.

Happy Tail Wags



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