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wisdom of dogs, Issue #043-- Year of mindfulness
December 29, 2021

Lunar Eclipse

In the early hours of 19th November, I roused myself from my comfy bed, bundled up and headed outside to watch the lunar eclipse.

I took my faithful companion Sandy with me.

No, that’s not true.

When she saw my intention was to sit in one spot, outside in the cold and the dark with no snacks, she declined my invitation and went back to bed. Okay then.

Alone in the Dark

I sat alone outside in the cold and dark as the bright full moon was swallowed up by the shadow of the earth.

I hadn’t chosen this activity as a mindfulness practice, but it became one. The movement was slow. The shift from light to dark was gradual.

I sat still, wishing I had made hot chocolate before getting comfortable. (Obviously I still have work to do on this mindfulness thing.)

Seeing in the Darkness

As the sky darkened, other things become more visible.

At the umbra, when the moon was nearly obliterated, unseen stars become visible. The Pleiades star cluster, otherwise known as The Seven Sisters, magically appeared. Obviously, they had always been there. But they had been cloaked in light.

Some things require darkness to be seen.

Moving Forward

The planets rotated on. The Moon moved out of the earth’s shadow. It grew brighter. The Pleiades faded in obscurity. I knew they were still there. But I could no longer see them.

The light did not erase my knowledge. Having seen them, I knew they were there, beyond my perception.

We often fear the dark, but it shows us other lights.

My fear now: has Sandy has left me any room on the bed?

Happy Tail Wags

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