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wisdom of dogs, Issue #016 -- Year of mindfulness
June 16, 2021

Daily Meditation Habit

In 2019 I had a goal to create a daily meditation habit.

It went the way most New Year goals do: an overly ambitious start followed by a slow fade into obscurity as old habits creep back in. Once or twice during the year guilt would get to me and I would revive the habit. For a few weeks I was calm and zen and pleased with myself. But then this day was busy. And the granddaughter slept over that day. And I’ll do it later. Or tomorrow. Or next week. Or . . . never?

In short, a daily meditation habit didn’t happen in 2019. But I promised myself:

2020 will be different

I was right about that.

Not in the way I had hoped, but it was different.

Meditation should have been easier. I had more free time, there were no events, no parties, very little socializing. I am not a social butterfly but I know people and some of them like me and we do stuff together.

Except in 2020, we couldn’t. My closest friends were either high-risk or lived with someone who was.

So, I had time on my hands. I tried to meditate. I really did.

My world was quieter. But my mind, my mind was loud and jumpy and scared. The year dragged on and the meditation did not happen. But I had hope that

2021 would be different.

I started a newsletter on mindfulness. That should hold me accountable for my habits including mediation, right?

Well sort of. I found there are a lot of other ways to be mindful. Which is good.

But a learning about mindfulness is not being mindful. Learning is not sitting. Learning is not quietly breathing. It is not meditation.

So I’ll start again – as soon as I run out of excuses.

As always I have Hope_poem_Suzanne_Grosser.html

Happy Tail Wags,

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