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wisdom of dogs, Issue #054-- Year of Equanimity
March 09, 2022

Simple change. Big Adjustment

The work schedule for my day job has changed. Instead of starting at 7 in the morning, I will be starting at 9am.

Hooray more writing time in the morning!

This also means instead of leaving the office at 4 in the evening, I will be leaving at 6pm.

Fortunately it is spring and the days are getting longer, so there is enough daylight to walk Sandy after work.

However --

While Sandy approaches most things with equanimity, there is one exception.


Sandy always has a strong opinion about food. Mostly that there should be more of it. Also that it should not be late.

Dinner is now late

Because I am not there on time at 4:30 to serve it. Oh the horror! She must wait, barely clinging to the last of her energy (i.e. napping) while her stomach rumbles empty and unsatisfied!


Balance will eventually be restored. We will adjust.

But oh the pain of adjustment!

I am taking this change with equanimity. Sandy, not so much.

Happy Tail Wags



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