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wisdom of dogs, Issue #013 -- Year of mindfulness
May 19, 2021

Birding Part 2

As I shared in a previous email, birding is a mindfulness practice for me. It keeps me in the moment. But it also reminds me why being fully in each moment is important.

I know that I can’t get the missed time back. I know that if I miss the experience of that moment, it is gone forever. I miss life, because life is built of moments.

I know, I am preaching to the choir. We all know that.

But if you are like me, knowledge doesn’t change your daily behavior.

My distracted self

I listen to an audiobook while I clean. I totally defend this. I have tried full attention and even, heaven help me, expressing gratitude to my living space as I clean it as a sign of respect for its service to me. Okay, that didn’t last long but it was an interesting experiment.

I listen to podcasts while I balance spreadsheets.

My grocery list plays in the background while I have a conversation with a neighbor.

My to do list is always running in the background of every interaction.

I should pay attention. I want to stay in the moment before the moment is gone.

Honestly, I’m not that keen on having a conversation with my toilet as I scrub it (although I am a fan of indoor plumbing) but I don’t want to look back on my life and wonder where it went. (clean toilets aside)

My Distracted Self

So I try to focus, to create those full attention moments. Petting the dog. Holding a warm tea mug in my hands against the morning chill. But my mind is busy busy busy and it wanders off.

Birding demands more.

When birding, I focus can only focus on the one thing.

See the bird.

Pay attention to the shape of its bill, the way that it moves, the song it makes, its color and size.

Enjoy watching a bit of nature. Identify the bird.

Hopefully before it flies away. They do that.

Just like the moments that make up our lives.

Happy Tail Wags,

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