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wisdom of dogs, Issue #058-- Year of Equanimity
April 13, 2022

Big Decisions and Sunbeams

I’ve been wondering lately if it possible to make big decisions with equanimity. I mean you have to choose one option over the other. One is good, the other not so much.

So I look, as I always do when I am perplexed, to see what my dogs can teach me.

But wait!

Dogs don't make big decisions.

Sandy's biggest decision is whether to nap on the bed or on the couch.

But even this simple choice has big implications. The sunlight is better in the bedroom, making for a warmer nap. The joy of lolling in the sun beam.

Being on the couch means she is closer to the kitchen. If there are people in the house who might be using the kitchen, the couch is the better choice. As she dozes, she can be alert for the sound of food wrappers opening (snack?) or the smell of something good cooking (share?)

Sandy and the Sunbeam

Mostly, Sandy chooses the sunbeam.

Problem with sunbeams is they move. She can choose to nap in the warmth of the sunlight. But she might wake and discover that the sunbeam is no longer warming her because it moved.

Oh the trials of a dog's life!

But she accepts this with equanimity. The nature of a sunbeam is to move.

Sandy gets up and stretches. If no one is rattling about in the kitchen, she shifts spots and curls up, again in the sunbeam.

We wish you luck with the big decisions in your life.

Meanwhile, Sandy will be sleeping in the sunshine.

Happy Tail Wags

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